Large Agency - Too Big; Freelancer - Too Small; A.M. Design Group - Just Right! An Ideal Fit!


For an Ideal Fit

April 27, 2017

Following a successful outcome on a project we’d just completed for her, a client emailed to let us know how much she appreciated our peer review quality control process. I gave her a call to share why the process is vital to how we work: delivering error-free work builds client trust.

A moment into the conversation I realized that, while our quality control efforts were important to her, what she really appreciated about A.M. Design Group was that we were just the right size.

As a seasoned marketing manager, she had experience with both freelance folks and larger agencies. As she talked, the proverbial light bulb lit above my head. I understood why, in comparison, we were such a good fit for her needs:

Freelance Contractor

No peer support means little or no creative “grist,” the dynamic at play when multiple creative minds interact. Plus, the client is compelled to proof their freelancer’s work because they have no backup.

Traditional Agency

Agency structure offers peer support, but, often, the project passes through a lot of hands, which slows the turnaround — and kicks up the price. Plus, you pay for all the folks NOT working on your project!

And Then There’s A.M. Design Group
  • Our seven designers solicit input from one another, leading to strong creative.
  • Team members proof one another’s revisions before returning drafts to the client, ensuring error-free work.
  • Turnaround is fast and the finished project is not only creative and error-free — it’s a solid value.

Our client understands her audience and message and has ideas she would like to explore. She enjoys working with us because we can bring her ideas to life and enhance them with a few of our own.

At the end of the day, we’re just the right size — and an ideal fit.

Reach back to the team at A.M. Design Group and see if we can be the right fit for you!