TransAeris DPS Video

Learning By Seeing

With the advent of COVID-19, Synapse Biomedical was granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA for its surgically implanted TransAeris DPS, which provides electrical stimulation that reduces the risk of weaning failure associated with taking patients off ventilators.

Synapse Biomedical tapped its communications partner A.M. Design Group to develop an instructional video in support of the EUA, a challenging request because the video had to be suitable for an international audience, plus graphically precise and instructive as well as short on text and view time — and, wrapped in half the production time typically required for such a video. Nevertheless, the 1.5-minute video was completed quickly and deemed a huge success by the client, including praise from a surgeon in Kuwait dealing with an emergency procedure that yielded an exemplary outcome.

Clear communication via print, web and, in this case, digital animation for video, is where A.M. Design Group excels. Talk to us about your next video challenge.

Synapse Biomedical
Animation, Video Production
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