Fransmart Website Redesign

Powering Up Website Control

Franchise developer Fransmart supports owner autonomy for franchise brands that it has launched throughout its history. Yet, the company struggled with control over its inflexible website platform, frustrating its marcom and brand teams and impeding easy information delivery to prospects and franchisees.

The web experts at A.M. Design Group had a two-prong solution: First, shift the website to a user-friendly WordPress CMS. Doing so would give Fransmart marketing and brand pros website content control without requiring specialized coding expertise. Second, rebuild the site so that corporate and brand pages were not only contained in one central location, but were unified aesthetically with a template design that fortified Fransmart brand identity.

Fransmart was pleased with the design and functionality outcome, and with A.M. Design’s speedy delivery. If your website is in need of a revamp to make it more effective and appealing, we’re ready to help. Drop an email our way to inquire about how to get started.

Web Design, Coding
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