NOTS Annual Report

Commemorating a Decade of Achievement

It was impossible to convey, in just 44 pages, the full – and very positive – impact that ten years of highest-quality, collaborative care from the Northern Ohio Trauma System (NOTS) has had on area trauma patients. But it was possible to showcase the dedication, excellence and growth of NOTS in its 10th anniversary annual report – and the creative crew at A.M. Design Group stepped up to do just that.

Working in conjunction with the NOTS team, A.M. Design staff members quickly immersed themselves in copy, numbers, charts, graphics and photography, organizing all into a visually appealing, easily read format that highlighted key aspects of the System’s decade of growth, while showcasing its members, its collaborative approach and, of course, its many successful outcomes.

Annual reports are more than just a compendium of facts and figures. They’re a portrait of an organization’s mission, its people and its achievements. Send us an email about your next annual report project; we’d be delighted to partner with you.

Northern Ohio Trauma System (NOTS)
Design, Layout, Print Production Direction