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NeoGraf Solutions Branding

New Name, New Identity

When a division of GrafTech International was acquired and renamed NeoGraf Solutions, LLC, the new owners and emerging leadership were presented with an opportunity to establish a new identity. And that’s how NeoGraf became a 135-year-old “new” company. Selected to be their branding partner, A.M. Design Group did a flash download of NeoGraf’s history, culture, competitive advantages, marketplace position, and successes.

Research in place, the team established clearly defined brand values and a creative brief. Design concepts that communicated NeoGraf’s essence through clean, modern, standout visuals and text were rapidly developed. Within two weeks, a cleverly designed identity was selected, fine-tuned, and presented to key stakeholders. The logo was enthusiastically received by the new owners as well as the NeoGraf leadership team.

A well-designed identity is the cornerstone of an effective visual brand. A.M. Design Group next established guidelines for applying the brand consistently across all NeoGraf print and digital marketing channels.

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NeoGraf Solutions, LLC
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