Knight LLC Campaign

A Need for Speed

There are many unknowns regarding Covid-19, but one thing is evident: diligent sanitation can help curtail the risk of spread. Given that, Knight LLC, a manufacturer of chemical delivery systems, wanted to get the word out quickly about its Stratus Pro Electrostatic Sprayer, a product designed to effectively and rapidly clean and disinfect surfaces in large spaces.

Based on a referral from a sister company – an A.M. Design Group client – within the same organization, Knight approached the A.M. team with a request to develop a WordPress-based landing page and accompanying 8-page brochure in a compressed time frame. A.M. Design jumped in via Zoom to present capabilities, then dug in fast to deliver the web page and the brochure in just two weeks.

When rapidly changing market circumstances demand rapid marketing-tool development, you need a creative team that knows how to respond quickly. A.M. Design Group is that team. Drop a quick email with your next “PDQ” project.

Knight LLC
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