Genie Calendar

Genie Dog Calendar

Print Design Goes to the Dogs

It was a bit woof going, time-wise, when Terex brand Genie came to A.M. Design Group with a request: Create a memorable wall calendar depicting photos of Genie employees’ dogs with Genie lift equipment. The challenge? Turn it around in four days.

With no time to schedule a photo shoot, A.M. Design’s creative team turned to digital options, jumping in at a pace rivaling the fastest Greyhound. Using pix that Genie employees provided of their own pets, designers first extracted each doggo image from its existing snapshot, then, working with PhotoShop tools, carefully placed the pups into professional product photographs. In all, 16 custom photo illustrations, integrated into a calendar layout, were prepped and delivered to print, pronto.

Not every project requires such speedy turnaround, of course, but those “giddy-up” deadlines happen to all of us. When you need strong creative and a clever solution in a short timeframe, reach out to A.M. Design Group!

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