Genie Promotional Posters

Campaign Materials

A Creative Approach to Elevating Awareness

To elevate awareness of its products and name, Terex brand Genie® challenged A.M. Design Group to develop a fresh approach that reached beyond typical promotional materials. Genie marketing pros imposed few creative constraints on the project and instead asked for design elements that pushed boundaries to make products stand out in a more memorable way.

The A.M. Design team responded with a campaign that integrated custom illustrations of Genie equipment into decidedly atypical formats echoing recognizable painting, print and photography styles. The team also placed the familiar Genie logotype on premiums like coolers, candies and containers. These creative applications – including wall art mimicking vintage travel posters, Warhol-like prints and, literally, out of this world photos – have become valued keepsakes that showcase Genie to its customers in a thoroughly compelling way.

Are you seeking an unusual approach to shift your marketing materials into higher gear? Give the creative minds at A.M. Design Group a call!

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