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A Refreshing Change

Websites, like many things, have a life cycle.  Occasionally, they require redesign to account for company, market and other changes. Such was the case with Fairway Wealth Management when its marketing team returned to its site’s original developer – A.M. Design Group – for a website renovation.

An initial redesign kicked off the project, but Covid-19 and its “in-person” impact halted progress with photo and video production – elements planned for the site — until pandemic risks eased. In the meantime, A.M. Design’s web experts trained the Fairway team to make site updates themselves, giving them control over the website while helping to contain costs. Once it was safe to do so, new photos and videos were developed and added to the site, completing the redesign project.

If it’s time for your website upgrade, it’s time to contact A.M. Design!

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