A.M. Design Group Stationary

A.M. Design Group Rebrand

A Brand Challenge

The success of a great logomark is that it captures your brand essence (meaningful), is striking (creative impact) and memorable (recognizable). For the last 24 years our identity has retained a timeless relevancy that we and our clients have loved.

Nonetheless, the time has long since passed for a refresh. So…VOILA…what do you think?!?!

After multiple concepts, a few stops-and-starts, and yes…the painful loosening-of-the-grip by the original owner/designer, we have met with success. The new A.M. Design Group logo/identity is creative, immediate, and powerfully memorable. Retaining the sun motif and color palette allowed us to leverage the brand equity in the original logo. A true team effort, we love the new look.

Growing, relevant, and successful organizations embrace evolving communication design…no matter how challenging the task. Drop a quick email to our design team if you need help kick-starting your brand refresh. And, we would love to know what you think so click here to give us a thumbs up or down!

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