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First Federal Lakewood's capabilities folder.

Fresh Creative: It’s What We Do

First Federal Lakewood
January 18, 2019

Recently, A.M. Design Group helped our client, First Federal Lakewood, to develop branding guidelines that would ensure consistency of design and messaging across all media. So, when First Federal Lakewood came back to us with a business banking capabilities folder in need of a creative retake, it was only natural that we’d follow the guidelines… Read More

Landing Point's new sales tools - brochure interior.

Don’t Mess with Success

Landing Point Financial Group
October 29, 2018

As a very successful Ameriprise Financial franchise, Landing Point Financial Group tapped A.M. Design Group to help refresh sales tools our firm had originally helped to create. The biggest challenge was designing a piece that captured this franchise’s unique attributes while complying with Ameriprise Financial’s corporate guidelines. A.M. Design Group responded with a brochure that… Read More

Thoughtful online design exemplified in Nivalis Health's website homepage.

Carefully Considerate Website Design

Nivalis Health
October 29, 2018

Nivalis Health, a team of licensed, certified professionals, is committed to understanding patient needs while delivering care that goes beyond managing pain and symptoms. Being there when needed is the Nivalis promise. To translate these core truths to the Nivalis Health website, the creative team at A.M. Design Group married carefully selected photography with Nivalis… Read More

Tri-C guideline brochure design solution.

Tight Deadline, Creative Solution

Cuyahoga Community College
October 29, 2018

You could say it’s Occam’s Razor, applied to creative work: Sometimes, the best design solution is the simplest. Such was the case when Tri-C asked A.M. Design Group for help with a quick-turnaround Advisory Committee guideline brochure. Because time and creative assets were in short supply, design team members deliberately kept the look clean using… Read More

Cleveland Clinic Quality Alliance annual report design.

Quality Alliance Annual Report

Cleveland Clinic
September 6, 2018

In need of assistance “revamping” the design for their Year in Review, Quality Alliance tapped A.M. Design Group’s annual report experience for a creative solution. As a data-driven organization, much of this report’s content is tables, charts, graphs and lists. Organizing the content for a smooth and comprehensible flow was one of the biggest challenges… Read More

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