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Lake Erie Graphics sales kit design brochure and example print piece.

Design that Sells

Lake Erie Graphics
September 6, 2018

Lake Erie Graphics, a full-service printer and digital graphics company, sought a memorable sales tool that delivered a strong message even after the call. The dream scheme was a cleverly designed leave-behind that not only showcased the company’s print capability and work, but also delivered fun promotional giveaways. A.M. Design’s Group’s creative team worked with the pros… Read More

Parker's new explainer video animation being shown on a desktop computer.

Explainer Video for the Win

Parker Hannifin
July 3, 2018

Parker Hannifin’s Grid Tie Division issued a challenge to A.M. Design Group: create a communications vehicle for an upcoming trade show to 1) showcase Parker’s Battery Energy Storage System; 2) make complex information simple and engaging; and 3) stress system benefits. In response, A.M. Design Group suggested an explainer video. With the client’s buy in,… Read More

A close-up of Informa's infographic design.

Sweet Animated Infographic

July 3, 2018

At A.M. Design Group we’re naturally sweet on infographics — and naturally sweet is the message behind this client project, as well. More and more, consumers are cutting back on sugar and seeking sweet alternatives. The food industry is increasingly incorporating this trend into their offerings to keep up with the demand. In consideration, our… Read More

An advertisement featuring First Mutual Bank's new logo design and brand identity.

Identity Logo Design

First Mutual Bank
July 3, 2018

Our client approached us with a “relatively” challenging project:  help blend two separately acquired financial institutions  — now merged under a single new name — into the family with a fresh logo that reflected parent company genes. Beginning with an initial client meeting in December to final launch in May, A.M. Design Group’s brand pros… Read More

Man viewing Parker e-marketing campaign email on laptop.

e-Marketing Intro Gauges Which Way the Wind Blows

Parker Hannifin
May 10, 2018

Introducing a product into a crowded market can often be a challenge, even for a well-known global brand. That’s what Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic Valve Division faced when introducing a wind turbine pitch-control valve to wind farm operators in the United States. Parker not only wanted to acquaint operators with the valve, but also wanted to… Read More

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