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Picture the Conversions

December 20, 2019

“An infographic is worth a thousand words,” could be a modern take on the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Why are these visual depictions of data so effective? In part, it’s because our brains process visual messaging differently – and more quickly – than they do text. And, visuals tend to… Read More

Inspired Event Design

Cleveland Clinic
November 1, 2019

Eva Rothschild’s painted aluminum sculpture, “Live Edge” not only inspires visitors and staff at Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Center, it also inspired the design of collateral created for the Clinic’s 2019 Oncology Nursing Conference. A partner to Cleveland Clinic for event-material design, A.M. Design Group approached the conference project from a fresh perspective, influenced by… Read More

Print Design Goes to the Dogs

November 1, 2019

It was a bit woof going, time-wise, when Terex brand Genie came to A.M. Design Group with a request: Create a memorable wall calendar depicting photos of Genie employees’ dogs with Genie lift equipment. The challenge? Turn it around in four days. With no time to schedule a photo shoot, A.M. Design’s creative team turned… Read More

Brand-Boosting Web Design

Circuit30 Fitness
November 1, 2019

What a great idea: fitness for busy people! To help launch their new business, which offers personalized 30-minute high-intensity interval training, the founders of Circuit30 Fitness sought a website to broadcast the brand. Enter the digital pros at A.M. Design Group. Working with a logotype and brand iconography provided by Circuit30 Fitness, A.M. Design Group… Read More

“We Are Here” Campaign Illustration

First Federal Lakewood
September 4, 2019

As First Federal of Lakewood prepared to open a branch at Dave’s Market, its marketing pros sought a playful postcard mailer directing local residents to the new in-store location. They turned to A.M. Design Group for help. With client input, illustrators at A.M. Design Group created a colorful neighborhood map for the mailer. First Federal… Read More

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