Hillside Community Church

New Logo and Stationery System

Recent Work

Jesus was the master of metaphor and following suit, Hillside Community Church tasked A.M. Design Group with developing a symbol that would assist in giving life to their mission of KNOW, GROW and GO.

A relationship with God (KNOWING) means being rooted in His love, not just knowing about Him. The trunk of the tree represents GROWING through His Word, community and by serving one another. The leaves and fruit are the natural result of spiritual health and represent the GO – sharing His love with friends, neighbors, the surrounding community and world.

Pastor Randy Nickel and the members of Hillside Community Church are excited about bringing the life of Jesus Christ to their community. And their new identity system is a natural way to explain their mission. Reach out to the design team at A.M. Design Group with your new logo challenge!

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