FiberTite Data Center Sales Tools

Crafting Compelling Sales Tools

Seaman Corporation

August 30, 2017

In the world of commercial roofing membranes, Seaman Corporation, with their proprietary knitted and woven base cloths and coating formulas, is the industry pioneer. Leveraging the technology and performance advantages of their FiberTite® product line, A.M. Design Group retooled and targeted the messaging specifically for the data center decision-maker.

Our research included extensive interviews, a review of the competitive landscape, and a deep dive on product differentiators. With messaging in place, great care was taken to design and produce a clean and compelling sales kit that would capture the attention of roofing specifiers in the data center market. A.M. Design Group fulfilled the client’s vision, all the way down to visual and tactile finishes that elevate the story and the brand.

With the heavy lifting done, the team is now retooling the new sales materials for another target audience.

As a communications design firm, A.M. Design Group specializes in creating focused communications that deliver a compelling message on every level. Send us a note to begin a conversation on how we can refocus your sales media!