Brochure and flyer for Northwestern's TMR Nerve training course.

A Campaign Built on Trust

Northwestern University

March 21, 2019

We were deeply appreciative when our Cleveland-based client, Checkpoint Surgical, referred us to Chicago’s Northwestern University to assist in promoting its Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) surgical symposium. The innovative procedure reassigns nerves in an amputee, reducing pain and allowing more intuitive control of a new prosthesis.

While Northwestern’s initial request was a website for the TMR Nerve Training Symposium, a tight-turnaround course brochure and email flyer followed quickly. Critical to success was the trust Northwestern’s TMR team put in A.M. Design Group: other than a request to make the site, brochure and flyer reflect Northwestern’s color palette, the TMR team gave A.M. Design Group creative flexibility. First-round design concepts were well received, keeping everything on time and on budget.

Our thanks to Checkpoint Surgical for opening the door to this opportunity. The next time a colleague has a marketing communications challenge, don’t hesitate to recommend the team at A.M. Design Group. Both you and they will not be disappointed.

Visit the website.

Website for Northwestern's TMR Nerve training course.