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Responsive web version of the Genie Interactive Tool.

Educational Interactive Tool

June 1, 2017

With important changes to safety standards forthcoming, Genie, a Terex brand, developed a new line of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP, formerly known as aerial work platforms) with industry-leading capabilities. How would they capture attention to explain the benefits of their booms’ operational capacity – the highest in the field? Genie reached out to the… Read More

A poster from the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Experience Survey poster campaign.

Caregiver Experience Poster Campaign

Cleveland Clinic
May 31, 2017

The Cleveland Clinic works hard to put “Patients First,” but also recognizes that this value is expressed most clearly through the company’s employees. The employees embody corporate values by their personal, compassionate work to benefit patients. In appreciation of and care for these caregivers, Cleveland Clinic came to A.M. Design Group for a poster campaign… Read More

Large Agency - Too Big; Freelancer - Too Small. What is an Ideal Fit??


For an Ideal Fit
April 27, 2017

Following a successful outcome on a project we’d just completed for her, a client emailed to let us know how much she appreciated our peer review quality control process. I gave her a call to share why the process is vital to how we work: delivering error-free work builds client trust. A moment into the… Read More

IQAN brochure communication design.

Innovative Communication Design for Innovative Technology

Parker Hannifin Hydraulics
March 31, 2017

Technology evolves at an astounding pace, and the best companies are ahead of the curve. That’s why Parker Hydraulics developed IQAN Connect, a totally electro-hydraulic system of smart components and customizable software that simplifies development while maximizing performance. Eager to share the benefits of this amazing technology at the 2017 ConExpo trade show, Parker asked… Read More

Tight Deadlines: Cardinal Credit Union flyers and ads

Tight Deadlines Build Tight Relationships

Cardinal Credit Union
March 31, 2017

A long-time friend and client, now working at Cardinal Credit Union (CCU), came to A.M. Design Group for a series of projects with tight deadlines. As a member-driven and community-focused organization, it was important to communicate those values, in addition to their excellent services, through each product. As brand guardians, A.M. Design Group learned CCU’s… Read More

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