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NeoGraf Solutions' new literature - technical data sheets.

New Brand, New Literature

NeoGraf Solutions, LLC
January 22, 2018

Well-executed branding requires consistency across every expression – including sell sheets and technical data sheets. A.M. Design Group worked with NeoGraf Solutions, LLC to redesign over 100 pieces of literature, including a batch for translation into three languages. Such a large project requires a great deal of management on all fronts. A.M. Design Group worked… Read More

NeoGraf Solutions' new website, displayed on a tablet and a desktop computer.

New Brand, New Website

NeoGraf Solutions, LLC
January 22, 2018

Once our strategy and content team captured NeoGraf Solutions, LLC’s brand values, it was the A.M. Design Group web team’s turn to bring the new identity to life on the company’s homepage. Collaborating with our print designers, A.M. Design digital experts created an integrated design for the new website that worked well with everything from… Read More

NeoGraf Solutions' new logo for their new identity.

New Name, New Identity

NeoGraf Solutions, LLC
January 22, 2018

When a division of GrafTech International was acquired and renamed NeoGraf Solutions, LLC, the new owners and emerging leadership were presented with an opportunity to establish a new identity. And that’s how NeoGraf became a 135-year-old “new” company. Selected to be their branding partner, A.M. Design Group did a flash download of NeoGraf’s history, culture,… Read More

Distinguished Philanthropists, Distinctive Design

Cleveland Clinic
November 6, 2017

How do you honor those whose extraordinary generosity is shaping the future of healthcare? Cleveland Clinic recognizes individuals and organizations who have made significant philanthropic commitments with membership in its exclusive 1921 Society. Each is invited to celebrate at a special induction ceremony, where a custom keepsake, the gift book, is presented. A.M. Design Group… Read More

A New Product Launch in the Medical Industry

Blue Spark Technologies
November 6, 2017

Long time client, Matt Ream of Blue Spark Technologies, came to A.M. Design Group for help with communication vehicles for their new product, TempTraq. The high-tech temperature-monitoring device provides uninterrupted fever detection in a wearable patch. This exciting, non-invasive solution supplies real-time data directly to your smart device! To date, TempTraq had been focusing on… Read More

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